Reference sheet

End july I commissioned an artist to create my reference sheet. I met him in Second Life. Our collaboration was fructuous. After less than a...

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Art by Nex

This is art made by someone I met on the unofficial /r/Gfur Skype chat.

Top: Loque

Right: Félix


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Art by Nex 2

This is...

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Art by Big_Red_Hothead

I entered the Furry Art Request Roulette 7 on the ...

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  • Name: Félix Rêverie
  • Species: European river otter
  • Age: 25-30
  • Orientation: Pansexual
  • Sex: Male
  • Build: Lean and sportive
  • Size: 1m80 (5' 10'')
  • Preference:
    • Versatile dom:
      • 90% dominant / 10% submissive
      • 60% top / 40% bottom
  • Profession:
    • Swim teacher during the school year
    • Life guard during the weekend and school vacation
    • IT professional
  • Character: Bubbly, forward, honest, down to earth, smart, dreamer, and much more.
  • F-list: Click here
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